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Fat Grafting

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Fat grafting and fat transfers is a surgical procedure where fat is suctioned from one part of the body. It is filtered, and then injected or transferred to another part of the body. Transplant your own living cells from areas you do not fat, and inject it into an area you want to be enhanced. Fat grafting is used to augment cheeks and lips, to fill in lines or improve contour of the body. Fat grafting is a permanent procedure. The outcome is just younger, natural, and youthful looking skin.

This technique is also known as fat grafting. It can restore the look of youth naturally and without traditional surgery methods. Surgery can be expensive, fat grafting or fat transferring is an extremely simple yet safe procedure that requires no surgery and little to no downtime.

Dr. Chobanian says; “Your own fat is the best filler for lines and contour irregularities of the face and body. It is often done in conjunction with face lift. In most patients it holds back the aging process for 3-5 years. The fact is permanent, unfortunately, the aging process continues.