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Eclipse Micropen

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The Eclipse MicroPen® is the future of micro-needling device! No more lasers and dermal needle rollers to fight anti-aging! The Eclipse MicroPen® is a cordless device, that has a single-use surgical grade disposable cartridge tip. This is for the patients health and safety. Knowing that when getting this procedure performed, you can trust that the micro-needles are clean and new. The high speed motors allows for more efficient procedure. Even though there is rapid motion coming from the Eclipse MicroPen®, patients experience a more comfortable procedure than previous methods.


No individual are alike, and neither is treatment for Eclipse MicroPen®. A customized treatment plan will be determined by you and the doctor so that you achieve the results you are looking for. The Eclipse MicroPen® is safe for most skin types, which means this is an excellent procedure for almost everyone!